Photo Restoration

Do you have a great old photo but it is faded or torn or dirty?

Do you have a huge stack of photos that you keep wishing you had time to scan so you can share them all with family?

I can help!

Hiring Me To Restore Your Photos

  • $5-$15 per photo depending on the amount of damage needing repair or how intricate the edit will be
  • $1-$3 per photo for bulk editing (10 or more photos with minimal editing such as just brightening or facial touch ups) 

Payable through PayPal,Venmo or CashApp

To repair a photo I will need a nice scan of the photo. You can scan it yourself or take it to your local print shop and have them scan it for you (you can ask them to email it to you or me – – or save it on a thumb drive for you).

You can also send me the photograph through the mail (click here for instructions on how to ship a photograph to me). I will then scan the photo and do the restoration and send the photo back to you.

If you live in or around Fort Worth Texas we may be able to arrange a meeting.

I digitally restore the photograph or make any changes you request. The restored photo will be a digital file that I will email to you. You can also request that I have a physical print made and mailed to you for an extra fee (click here to find out what my prices are).

Hiring Me To Scan Your Photos

  • $1 per photo

Payable through PayPal,Venmo or CashApp

To scan your photos I will need to have all your photos physically sent to me (click here to find out how to ship your photos to me).

Once I receive your photos I will scan each one into my computer. I will have every photo saved as a high resolution individual file to be emailed to you or saved to a thumb drive and mailed to you for you to use as you wish.

This process can take quite a bit of time, possibly weeks.