How To Ship Many Photos To Me

Here are the steps to safely ship many photos to me

  1. Gently remove any dust or loose dirt from the photos with a dry soft cloth
  2. You will need a sturdy and clean cardboard box that fits your photos
  3. Cut plain white copy paper,good quality parchment paper (not wax paper),tracing paper or white tissue paper to fit between each photograph. This step is very important because skipping this step could allow your photos to melt together during shipping.
  4. Cover the bottom of your box with a paper
  5. Layer your photos with a paper between each photo and place into the box
  6. If there is any room on any side of the box between the stack of photos and the walls of the box you must tightly fill it with wadded tissue paper or bubble wrap being careful not to bend or crush your photos. There must not be any movement in the box or your photos WILL be damaged.
  7. Securely tape the box shut with packing tape
  8. Write your return address and my mailing address (I will provide this to you in an email or phone call) on the box and take it to the post office or UPS store
  9. You’re ready to ship! Purchase whatever shipping you prefer as well as whatever insurance you prefer. Please let me know what type of shipping/insurance you would like when I ship it back to you (at your expence) (if you are in or near the Fort Worth Texas area we may arrange to meet up for me to pick up your photos)