How to ship a photo to me

Here are the steps to safely ship an individual photo to me

  1. Gently remove any dust or loose dirt from the photo with a dry soft cloth
  2. Carefully trace the outside edge of your photo onto 2 pieces of sturdy clean cardboard and cut out those shapes (the cardboard can be larger than the photo but not smaller)
  3. Trace the outside edge of your photo onto 2 pieces of either good quality parchment paper (not waxpaper) or white tissue paper or plain white copy paper
  4. Layer these items like this listed bottom to top -cardboard-paper-photograph-paper-cardboard
  5. Use tape or binder clips to secure this stack together making sure that the photo is not visible or in contact with the tape
  6. Place this stack into an envelope or bubble mailer – write DO NOT BEND on the front and back of the envelope along with my mailing address (I will provide this to you in an email or by phone) and with your return address
  7. You’re ready to ship! Purchase whatever shipping you prefer as well as whatever insurance you prefer. Please let me know what type of shipping/insurance you would like when I ship it back to you (at your expence)