About Me

Hi, my name is Jenn Rimbey. I am a multi media artist. I work in pencil,acrylic paint, watercolor, and pastel- sometimes all on the same piece. I mostly do commissioned portraits of people and pets, but I’ve worked on all kinds of different creative projects.
I got into art as young kid. I’d say I was about 12 when my art interest pushed me out of the stick figure stage into more dynamic doodling. I doodled constantly.CONSTANTLY. I was homeschooled and I remember getting talked to a couple times about my excessive drawing in text books. Which I took as a challenge to make my art blend in seamlessly with the graphics and photos already in the books.
I would always leave the library with a giant stack of books. Books full of reference photography (like books about horses or birds) or how to art books or books about famous artists (Monet,VanGogh, and Alphonse Mucha were my favorite).
Fast forward to when I was a single mom and looking for a way to work from home. I was a full time house cleaner and I worked for all kinds of people. I once worked for a woman that had run an art gallery and then a frame shop. She suggested I move away from the type of art I was doing at the time (children’s room decor ) and switch to portraits. I didn’t have any confidence in my ability to draw and paint people, but pets I could do! So this led to the first commissions I ever had. My business and skill grew from there and I eventually learned how to draw and paint people.
Right now I am happily married with 2 girls (15 years apart) and I’m still hoping to grow my art into a full time income. I love trying out new ideas and strengthening old ones.

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